Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Did 24:50 For 300 Calories Of Row-Bike-Run

On June 29, I decided to try the 300-calorie Row-Bike-Run test. This event requires that you burn 100 calories on a rowing machine, then on a bike, then on a treadmill. Your total elapsed time is your continuous time from beginning of the row to end of the run. Since I was the first to do this (I think), I now hold the world record. But I'm sure you can beat me--Go for it!

Here's my result: It took me 24 minutes, 50 seconds. My "splits" per 100 calories were about 8:30 (rowing), 8:45 (cycling), and 6:50 (running). I used a Concept 2, a Lifecycle bike, and a Precor treadmill. My total "transition time" (from row to bike, and bike to run, and fiddling with controls to get machines turned on and up to speed) was about 50 to 60 seconds. It was fun. I'm going to try it again soon, after an upcoming vacation. I'm sure I can get braver (more aggressive) on the row and bike.

I hope you'll take a shot at the 300-calorie Row-Bike-Run, and report your results here in the Comments section.


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