Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There's a Rowathlon Event in England

I've learned about a 2-3 year-old "Rowathlon" event in England. It seems to be organized by the Concept2 people and a prostate cancer charity. The distances are about 2-3K rowing, 7 to 20K cycling, and 3 to 5K running. Also, it appears that the Concept2 machines are hauled outside to a park, so the entire event takes place outdoors. Very nice!
Just learned about another British row-bike-run, the Rower's Revenge Triathlon that was apparently held for 14 years through 2008, but isn't being held in 2009. This one has legs of row 4K, bike 25K, run 7.5K, and a total time of about 1:25 for winners.
Rowathlon page:

Rowathlon results page:
Rowers Revenge Triathlon:


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